About Camel Man

Desert Safari is a thrilling experience in Infinite Ocean of sand in Rajasthan. It is quite a new adventure in the smooth path of the desert. The beauty of the desert keeps on changing in every season. It looks all the more beautiful especially after rains. The beauty of the desert can be enjoyed by riding over camels or camel carts. Wide spread tranquility welcomes tourist at every step. Bikaner is well known for its intricate architecture, huge palaces and forts, traditional dishes, garments, melody of folklore and artistic footwear. Camel Man offers you all. We are always ready to welcome your journey through deserts.

The Safari Company called "Camel Man" was started by Vijay Singh Rathore in the year 1983.

It is commonly believed that the river Saraswati is buried under the Thar Desert. Water is found very deep here. Wells are to be dug deep. Same is the case with the inhabitants of Bikaner. Their hearts are as deep as deep wells with water. Sands may be dry particles but not the hearts of the people. Sand dunes are beautiful to look at. They continue to be formed, shifts from one place to another and even destroyed. New dunes are formed everyday. A new dune is formed in the Thar city of Bikaner and that is Vijay Singh Rathore, fondly called Camel Man by his customers and friends.

For all these years, Thar has seen many dunes taking shapes, many of them never to be formed again. Camel Man Safari has earned a world wide reputation today. It is recommended by almost all the well known tourist guides. Camel Man is giving its services since 1983. The tourist group is led by Vijay Singh Rathore himself.

Camel Man ( Vijay Singh Rathore) also offers accommodation in his own guest house, quite home like where you can have a great time experiencing the true Indian life style.

Worked in Hotel Lalgarh Palace in front office in 1982.

Started Guiding and Organizing Camel Safari's in 1983.

Worked as General Manager at Thar Hotel in 1985.

Worked in World Expedition an Australian Company from 1986-1990 through which he went for rafting, Trekking in Laddakh and Mountain Cycling and also camel safari in Rajasthan.

Started Vijay Guest House in 1983.

His father Lt. Col. Jai Singh was in Camel Army, the only one of its kind in the world based in Bikaner and was nominated as "Laurence of India".The famous Bollywood movie "Border" is based on the book "Battle of Tanot and Longewala", written by Vijay's father, this book is available in most of the libraries of army.

Vijay Singh Rathore can be contacted at:- camelman_vijay@rediffmail.com